photo by prod antZoulis

2014 london

Performances & Artistic Representations


August 2019

Bi Ki Ni Party AT Castel Paris, Live Painting

July 2019

La Piscine Arty Party at Castel Paris, Astral Glamour Performance

La Milc arty party at Castel Paris, Astral Glamour performance


May 2019

Le MEpris PARTY AT Castel Paris, Dj Set Super Lexie & Gwenael Billaud

"The Man Who Fell From Earth" Party at Silencio Paris, Dj Set & Performance by Super Lexie & Gwenael Billaud

APRIL 2019

LHOOQ ARTY PARty at Castel Paris, Astral Glamour Performance

february 2019

la Fondation Party AT Silencio Paris, Astral Glamour Performance

January 2019

La Collectionneuse at Le Montana Paris, Astral Glamour Performance


December 2018

La Fondation at Silencio Paris, Astral Glamour Performance


november 2018 

La Collectionneuse AT LE Montana Paris, Astral Glamour Performance

June 2018

La Collectionneuse AT LE Montana Paris, Performance Ode To Love et DEsolation

February 2018

Paillettes et Poubelles pop-up event at Galerie Dobkine Paris

January 2018

Ekleroshock birthday party at Wanderlust Paris, Super Lexie & Alexandre Chatelard dj set


november 2107

La Galerie Super Lexie exhibit at Faust Paris, Super Lexie performance 

April 2017

arty Party la Galerie du Chacha Paris, wax on the beat performance by Super Lexie  

March 2017

arty party at la Galerie du Chacha Paris, 14 Enfants ont Disparu  by Super Lexie 

La Piscine  party at les Bains Paris, Alain Delon est Mort Performance by Super Lexie featuring Alexandre Chatelard & Geoffroy Bouillane

February 2017

Jean-Paul Goude vs Jean-Michel Basquiat party at les Bains Paris, Performance I need a Direction by Super lexie featuring Alexandre chatelard & geoffroy bouillane 


December 2016 

Arty Party at La Galerie du Chacha Paris, Crocodile et Paillettes performance by Super lexie

Disco decor and party collaborations

July 2019  

LA milc arty party at castel Paris By super lexie & gwenael billaud

cedric-georges legrand exhibit

performances by Karla Sutra, Alexandre Bruni-sarkozy, astral glamour, laura mio, raphaelle & rafamiel 

February 2019  

how much do you love me? Valentines Party at overlock arts hackney London by super lexie

October 2018

Doppel club Halloween  party at le Perchoir Paris by  Doppelganger

Disco Decor and customised  Dj booth By Super Lexie

February 2018

L'amour est mort, Vive l'amour at le Dandy Paris by super lexie

Dj Sets by Gwenael Billaud, Polo Corp & joe lewandowski 

January 2018

Chanel corporate party at Le dandy paris bollywood Photo Booth installation by super lexie

September 2017 ;

Pink Lemonade Vol. 1 party at la Mutinerie, Paris

customized cd dj booth by super lexie

February 2017 ;

Absynth, Opium and Magic valentines party at le Perchoir paris

disco decor by super lexie

February 2016 ;

le temple d'Aphrodite valentines party at le Perchoir Paris by super lexie

february 2015

Emotional Excesses, Passion crimes, Valentines Party london by super lexie

june 2015:

Bruno wizard octopunk exhibition at the mw jackson london

disco decor by super lexie 

Mai 2015 ;

Sex Tape party by Molaroid Solomon and super lexie at Sketch london

March 2015 ;

protein Journal 15 issue launch at Protein london

customized cd dj booth by super lexie

October 2014 ;

Halloween week-end at Scotch of Saint James london

disco decor by super lexie


central Saint Martins london
art and design foundation 2011
ba Fine Arts 2015

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